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Sheila Gordon is our Head Athletic Trainer here at White Knoll High School and each week she will post an article for your information to help increase your knowledge and awareness on keeping our student athletes healthy and in the game.

Making Weight

In the sport of wrestling, one of the greatest challenges is making weight without compromising performance. Wrestlers have always focused on reducing calories to remain in the lowest weight class possible. But they now also realize that having a calorie deficit can limit their ability to train or perform at their best.

My recommendations for a wrestler trying to lose or maintain weight during preseason workouts include:

•       Getting adequate protein

•       Eating more fiber focusing on more fruits and vegetables

•       Consuming many small meals throughout the day.

His meal plan also needs to include a variety of foods so he can get a full spectrum of nutrients. And I would suggest foods that require chewing and utensils so he doesn’t overeat without realizing it.

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By Leslie Bonci

Leslie Bonci, RD, MPH, CSSD, LDN, is the owner of Active Eating Advice by Leslie, a nutrition consulting company based in Pittsburgh. She is also the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Kansas City Chiefs, Carnegie Mellopn University and the Toronto Blue Jays, and the author of Sport Nutrition for Coaches