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Workout – May 7

Workout – May 7. Keep moving Timberwolves! Nutrition Tip of the Day: Avoid excessive sugar. Sugar by Any Other Name The following ingredients are all code words for sugar: corn sweetener corn syrup corn syrup solids dehydrated cane juice dextrin dextrose maltodextrin; malt syrup; maltose molasses rice syrup saccharose sorghum or sorghum syrup sucrose  

Workout – May 5

Workout – May 5. Keep moving Timberwolves! Nutrition Tip of the Day: Avoid the hype around the low carb diets. Michelle Adams, a strength coach, certified sports nutritionist and former figure competitor notes that it is important that athletes understand that they are eating for performance, and not for weight loss. This means avoiding the low carb,

Teacher Appreciation Week

White Knoll Timberwolves…share a story of your favorite teacher and use the #THANKATEACHER  

Workout – May 4

Workout – May 4. Keep moving Timberwolves!!!! Nutrition Tip: Track and monitor your nutrition. The easiest way to really stay on top of your nutrition is to keep a food journal. Yes, it might sound tedious, or like “homework”, and it is just one more thing to remember to do in a long list, but

Workout – May 1

Keep moving Timberwolves! What have you done today to get better? #ONEPACK Nutrition Tip of the Day: Eat to train. Athletes don’t eat to look good necessarily, but rather, they eat so that they can kick a metric ton of butt-butt when they step out to train or compete. For many young athletes who fall

Class of 2020 – Elizabeth Sempervive

Class of 2020 – Elizabeth Sempervive. White Knoll Girls Soccer. Elizabeth will be attending Newberry College and majoring in Education and continuing her career as an Early Childhood Teacher. Good luck! #ONEPACK

Class of 2020 – Alex Williams

White Knoll High School Varsity Volleyball Player Alex Williams has signed with Coker College to play Volleyball. Alex plans to major in business. We are so proud of you Alex! Good luck! #ONEPACK

Workout – April 30

Keep moving TWolves!!!!! #ONEPACK Nutrition Tip: Why tempt yourselves daily with bad habits? This might mean throwing away the crap foods in your pantry/refrigerator instead of having to drain your willpower every time you open the door. Set yourself up not to fail. Have a great selection of healthy foods and snacks to fuel your

Bailey Brown Headed to Penn State

White Knoll Varsity Girls Soccer player Bailey Brown is headed to Penn State! Bailey will be majoring in Biology/Pharmacology. We are so proud of you Bailey! Go Timberwolves!!!!!