White Knoll Girls Varsity Soccer

  • Overall Record: 4 - 4
  • Conference Record: 0 - 2

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April 3 – Deck of Cards Workout

Nutrition Tip: Stick with whole food options as much as possible opposed to highly processed foods. Where do we find processed foods? In a bag, box, canned, frozen or packaged. This process changes the nutritional composition with fortifying, preserving or preparing in different ways. You get the most nutritional content of whole foods. Raw foods

Sports Medicine Broadcast

https://www.facebook.com/sportsmedicinebroadcast/videos/209892007002925/ How to deal with athletes and them having their sports season abruptly placed on hold. Dealing with grief and mental aspects associated with that.

April 2 – Workout

Nutrition Tip: Choose whole grain carbohydrates such as whole-wheat breads or pasta, and fiber-rich cereals for power-packed energy sources. Limited refined sugars and grains such as sugary cereals, white breads, and bagels. You performance will benefit from whole-grain products. Keep moving Timberwolves! #ONEPACK  

Meet the Timberwolves – Varsity Girls Soccer

0 JR Breanna Hilton 1 SO Kimia Hughey 2 FR Krysa Gordon 3 SO Edith Andrade 4 FR Shelby Freeman 5 JR Magalli Ramirez 6 FR Rylee King 7 FR Taylor Laursen 8 JR Khloe Lee 9 SR Eliza Frye 10 SR Raquel Ortiz 11 JR Kallie Lee 12 JR Kara Yandle 13 FR Maleah

April 1 – Workout

Nutrition Tip: Breakfast is the most difficult meal for most athletes. Make your goal for breakfast to include 3 food groups to create a plate for performance. For example: peanut butter (protein), whole wheat toast (grain) and an orange (fruit). Go TWolves! Keep moving! #ONEPACK


Nutrition Tip for March 31: Choose healthy sources of protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, peanut butter, eggs, nuts and legumes. Many people eat too much protein for dinner and too little in the morning. Everyone can benefit from including protein at most meals and snacks to help control blood glucose levels and to feel

Some Good News with John Krasinski

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F5pgG1M_h_U&feature=share Challenge: upload yourself clapping to applaud our brave healthcare workers that are putting themselves in harms way each day in order to help and care for others. Tag a healthcare worker you know and tag us @wktimberwolves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Show your love TWolves!!!!!!!

Workout – March 30

Keep moving TWolves!!!! You can do this! Find an accountability partner to keep you motivated! Nutrition Tip: To help boost your immune system during this time add Vitamin C and Zinc to your diet! Remember to keep your hands clean, don’t touch your face and limit your circle of friends to ones that are practicing

March 27 – 1,000 REP CHALLENGE

After you complete the challenge, post a #sweatyselfie . Keep moving TWolves!!!!!! Nutrition Tip for today: Eat your Greens!!!!!! Greens help your immune system do its job! Greens Give you energy! Greens help you maintain a healthy weight! Greens protect your body against toxins! Put them in a smoothie (kale, spinach, etc.) and blend with