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Workout – May 26

Workout – May 26. Keep moving Timberwolves!!!! Mental Health Tip of the Day: Mental Imagery Successful athletes: Prepare themselves for competition by imagining themselves performing well in competition. Create and use mental images that are detailed, specific, and realistic. Use imagery during competition to prepare for action and recover from errors and poor performances.

Get Your Sports Physical in Preparation for the Upcoming Workouts and Practices

New 2020 Physical Form. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/sportshub2-uploads-prod/files/sites/224/2014/08/22161606/2020-PPE-Form.pdf Please take form with you to the doctor’s office and KEEP A COPY!!!! Then upload 2nd page to PlanetHS. Instructions: (https://whiteknollathletics.com/2020/02/07/white-knoll-athletic-forms-online-planeths/) As we begin to entertain the idea of opening sports back up sometime during the summer, athletes need to be prepared. ALL athletes must have a current physical and

Workout – May 21

Workout – May 21. Keep moving Timberwolves! Mental Health Tip of the Day: People Skills Successful athletes: Realize that they are part of a larger system that includes their families, friends, teammates, coaches, and others. When appropriate, communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs to these people and listen to them as well. Have learned effective

Spring Sports Senior Recognition Video

Video of tonight’s Drive Through Parade Honoring our Spring Sports’ Seniors. Way to go ladies and gentlemen! Thanks to all that came out to show your support.

Workout – May 20

Workout – May 20. Keep moving Timberwolves! Mental Health Tip of the Day: Goals and Commitment Successful athletes: Set long-term and short-term goals that are realistic, measurable, and time-oriented. Are aware of their current performance levels and are able to develop specific, detailed plans for attaining their goals. Are highly committed to their goals and

WK Athletic Booster Club Virtual Award Ceremony Welcome!

Welcome to the White Knoll High School Athletic Booster Club Virtual Awards Banquet!!! We are so proud of our athletes and the many accomplishments they’ve experienced this year! WK FOOTBALL AWARDS Boys Lacrosse Awards Baseball Awards Volleyball Awards Boys Basketball Awards Swimming Awards Boys Tennis Awards Girls Basketball Awards Softball Awards Track Awards Girls Lacrosse

Workout – May 19

Workout – May 19. Keep moving Timberwolves! Mental Health Tip of the Day: Motivation Successful athletes: Are aware of the rewards and benefits that they expect to experience through their sports participation. Are able to persist through difficult tasks and difficult times, even when these rewards and benefits are not immediately forthcoming. Realize that many

Workout – May 18

Workout – May 18. Keep moving Timberwolves! Mental Health Tip for Athletes: Attitude Successful athletes: Realize that attitude is a choice. Choose an attitude that is predominately positive. View their sport as an opportunity to compete against themselves and learn from their successes and failures. Pursue excellence, not perfection, and realize that they, as well